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My mighty chariot!!

Sometimes I feel that my chariot is pulled back By thousands of mighty horses.. They show their mighty power and strength By pulling me back no matter how swift I am… Each day I feel I grow weary and tired I now have to accelerate more, add more vigor My journey to fortune seems to be long.. But I am way near to my goal, I will soon attain.. Little do these horses know, which sometimes pull me back That the bridle and the bit are clutched by my hands, They soon have to obey me, lest they will fall.. And that hope leads my chariot forth with might..

Me and mine!

In my dictionary of life, words were arranged not in the order of priorities, But in the order of love... I dared to change it, the order of my life, It was you, yours, me and mine but now it is me, mine, you and yours!!

You n Me

Did you forget… That I was the oil of your midnight lamp? Salt of your tears and warmth of your gasp? Sole might for your triumph? And the melody of your song? I stepped back so that you became first, Snuffed my dreams off so yours will be attained, When life slid off like a fast flowing stream.. You were my past, my present and my future. Now… You are in great heights, your dreams accomplished This world realize your name and you bask in glory Recently, our eyes never lock nor our hands clasp.. Heart throbs for you have now turned into aching I need you now to pick me up, I am plunged.. To gather me I am scattered in the wind.. To dream together and to sail together To our castle of future across the river.

Broken Melody

My song has lost its melody and my tone its luster All I could create is murmurs and sighs My gaze to my destiny seems endless and tiring Life is aching like an eagle’s rebirth. I have heights to soar, but my wings are broken My nest in the cliff is shuddered by huge waves Hope that my smoking lamp will again glow Now seems to waver and snuff out in the wind. Take me on your wings; I can soar along with you, Sing along with me; my silence won’t be celebrated. Share your dream with me; my destiny will be clear My symphony of life will thus be sung again..

Walls are breaking ..

Walls around me are breaking Path to my dream is less sturdy I can see the door to my freedom Darkness around me is disappearing Yes, its the ray of my hope which is gleaming It is getting brighter like the morning star A hope that my feeble voice will one become strong And my unspoken words will be mightily proclaimed Little did I know that my lamp was shining My lamp of wish and dream and ecstasy It was kept behind the wall, darkness overwhelmed it Now, my lamp of life lits up with endless hope It will not snuff off, will shine against the wind My destiny is clear, I can see the light Castles are made and my wings are growing Though miles to go, will reach because I am decided..

Lost Friend

Mate! Do you remember the promises and vows we took? When we felt that our paths are heading to the same destination… When there was no ray of hope for our future But only hurdles in every path that we took.. Now that fate made you to take another path.. No more the comforting touch of your hand.. Or assuring presence during the weary journey and Your absence makes my voyage tough and forlorn A well wish, silent prayer, a quick note or a smile That’s all I expect from you when you think about me.. They say expectations always disappoint one, and It seems to be true when your silence seems to be eternal.

Withered Flower !!

Peace…Peace…only word repetitively heard.. Peace in the west and peace in the east.. Lo! It’s now become a parade of mockery! It’s nothing but selfishness and pride taking the form of pacts. Ah! That flower is now withered and perished.. It was then full bloomed and pride of that garden.. It was significant in its color and fragrance.. Alas! It was plucked from its stem and crushed on the ground.. What did the evil doers gain? fame, wealth or peace? That flower sacrificed for peace and perhaps no trace at all But oh that sight of the flower…its fragrance… Can anybody ever wipe it from our hearts and minds….?