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I am from Bethlehem

“I am from Bethlehem”… This answer I got from my client’s banker when I asked her “Where are you from”? I was thrilled to hear that…For those who read this it may not be a huge surprise or a matter to ponder. But for me it was like …one of my dream come true…Suddenly for 5 minutes I started admiring the beautiful lady who was sitting in front of me…Observing her carefully and her adorable and graceful gestures. It was my dream from childhood, to visit Bethlehem, to see the place where Jesus was born. When I was relocated to Dubai, U.A.E, I always thought that some day I will be able to visit that place. But understood the reality that never in my life I will be able to see there. In gulf newspaper Palestine news have utter importance and usually I used to give a deep sigh after reading the same. I have seen, met, talked with many Palestinians and this thought …..the idea of someone seeing near to that place never hit my mind. And there she is …”I am from Bethlehem…”I think she understo
Ever since I had the maturity to know what is wrong and what is right...I think I was alone. When I was studying in kinder garten classes also I used to overhear my class teacher telling about me to my mom..."If only you can give a little attention for her ...for her studies..."I used to gaze in wonder when I was in high schools ....parents of all my friends coming to the school during exam days and asking them how the exam was...feeding them....I stand in one corner of the school and give a big sigh thinking always how good it was if my mom or dad was there with me...feeding me...teaching me...But I knew...that wont happen and if I study it will be good for me...coz nobody bothered about how I was living and what I was doing... Today I am married and run my own business....and there is no much difference in my life...Things are happening in my own offices, house, home without me becoming much a factor of that. Decisions are being taken by many...which can effect me also...bu

Can't Believe !!

Three years before, I didnt know anything about online groups or blogs.One day while watching TV, saw an url of a yahoo group and hence tried to take a membership in that group. That was the begining. Due to so many issues, had to leave the first group where I became a member. My good friends supported and my two friends along with me started a new yahoo group called Daffodils In Desert. During the initial stages, more than support we three got resistance and doubts from all the members who joined this group. Maybe because of our strange group name..people even started asking...will daffodils bloom in a desert? But today I am proud our daffodils indeed bloomed in the desert. Now our yahoo group has over 90 members and now we are well known in this middle east. We have members everywhere and last two weeks we conducted a free Medical Camp for the poor and the needy in UAE..I am proud...I am overjoyed... Wishing and praying that this group where I am a part of will achieve greater height