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My mobile phones only ring for: Ji..good morning, do you know where Citibank is located? Chech…I need some money urgently, how much you have with you? Ma..I have a friend who is looking for a job, can you please recommend? Sush.. I need an investor… can you please put a word to your clients? Hey Buddy! I have a flight at 4..Can you please drop me at the airport? Susha…this week is my driving test and you know that this is the 5th trial……. ……….Did you manage to speak to that guy?? Hi baby…I am broken…I need to speak with you..I know you will have a solution… Hey where did you buy that outfit from..? Can you please take me to that shop today? Hi, did you find how much is the market rate for Blackberry? Can you please take my document also…I know you visit there often… You don’t know I got married last week..why don’t you invite us for dinner? These are all my loved ones and so called friends… My mobile phones never ring for…. I was thinking about you and hence gave you a buzz… The other

Time has come!!

That time has come.. The time to reveal... The time to reveal myself and within me.. You always wondered why my cry was soundless and I could only mumble and why my tears were melted in the rains.. My time has come..time to sing.. Now the world will soon know... that the irritant which was deep inside me Has transformed into a glistening lil pearl...

Still waters

When I realized it was years later... That I am standing in the deep.. In the deepest deep...amazingly I was motionless It was not flowing waters...still waters all around me.. But then when I saw, I am not drowning, Slowly swimming, making the river flow.

Red rain

My heart is full of clouds, black Which are filled with droplets.. They seem heavy, cannot contain any more When it started showering, it rained red..