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Two days before, met one of my online friends, and obviously we were very eager to find out more about each other. So in between he said, “My mother- in – law has a terrible disease, Alzheimer’s “. In a fraction of second, my eyes welled up with tears. I was thinking about my mom, who was a victim of the same sickness and now resting in peace. “Yes”, I thought aloud and continued “it is the one of the terrible disease any person can have”. Even though our conversations touched so many aspects of life and world, somewhere in the corner of my heart, a pain was lingering. Usually when any sort of emotions lurk in my mind, I slowly withdraw to myself to a corner of a room, and try to pour out these through my pen. Two and a half years before, I was diagnosed with poly cystic ovaries, and doctor suggested a surgery. He also suggested that along with this surgery they can remove my appendix also which was at that time, if continued anymore inside my body will surely become a threat to my l

Giving way

There is No night without a day, No moon without the sun and No rainbow without a rain But… Night has to leave when day comes, Moon and Sun cannot dwell together And rain has to stop for rainbow to gleam.. This is how we are.. my beloved.. There is no ME without a YOU We never can merge with each other, but Can only give way for each other endlessly..