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"Gosh...Its 6:30..Now I have to rush..You have given me too many responsibilties God..Children have exams today...Even I have some important meeting...I promised my teachers that I will be there today at 9. dot.." She thought...She saw her husband already making breakfast and tea..." God!! thank you for giving such a wonderful man in my life...If it was not him...No one else can understand me other than him..." She smiled at her husband thinking how lucky she was to get a partner like him... " Well children!!" she came to the room where children were sleeping..." Sleeping like a log"...she told to his only son.." You have grown up so much and why cant you get up early in the morning and study?? See...I could see the light in Mathew's house from 4.A.M. onwards...If you sleep like this you can become Mathew's servant...Oh God what all should I see in this life??" She screamed at notice that her younger one is trying to fin