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Wishes for my friend..

Wishes and thoughts from deep inside my heart.. To my friend who was once a stranger To my unseen pal, but very close to my heart.. I can only wish him the best and always.. When rain pours and thunders roll When there are only black clouds all around.. Remember, there is a sunshine after rain And lo...a rainbow in one end of the dark sky.. Did you grow weary trekking lengthy mountains? Does the road seem tougher as each step you take? Sigh, there are valleys after mountains And distances are not always the same ..

My Alabaster Jar!

My Alabaster jar is empty.. And wine glasses are not filled.. Time for my beloved to reach What shall I greet him with? Let me fill my alabaster jar with my tears? Will you sit close to me and whisper? Can I wash your feet with my hand? Won't you lift me up and cover me with your arms? And my alabaster jar is over flowing now... Wine jars are face is brightened.. Your presence..thats all I long for.. Your breath on me..thats what brightens me..


Waiting and pondering every sunrise To experience a miracle in my life.. To know how unexpected can happen.. Oh! my brains cannot fathom how it take place.. As I took a deep sigh I saw the first miracle.. Wont this air get exhausted and from Where is the never ending source.. Who directs the sun and the moon? And who designed the amazing starry sky? Who blooms the rose bud and touched it with fragrance? Who draw the paths of the bees and the flies? Tiny sparrows ,wood peckers and pigeons Who satisfies whenever hunger strikes them? And coded their language and framed sweet melodies? Who teaches the new born baby to cry? How does man gain wisdom and knowledge? Why does he cry of immense joy and laugh at others sorrows? Why is he different from his own brother? And why are all these called miracles?

Foot Prints

When every sandstorm blows, I fear the foot prints you left will be covered off... On the fall of every raindrop, I doubt whether your tears will be washed away.. Each time the earth shakes, I sigh thinking the place where we sat together will vanish.. When life becomes hectic, I wonder whether I will be able to place your footstamps among million others... Still gazing at your footmarks, you left in my heart.. And my heart refusing to enjoy the rain, the showers and the dew... Realizing that the steps you left behind was on stony tablets.. Not man, the rain, or the tremors can ever wipe out.. Your scars from my heart....

Crushed Spirit

Why thou….broken heart!!!…why are you crushed again? In spite of knowing that you are helpless… In a world, huge wide and fathomless.. Why thou hold a crushed spirit, pain and bruised..? Don’t you know that your tears are salt less?? And your cries and shouts of pain are voiceless?? In the midst of pride, prejudice and arrogance.. Thy shouts are only mumbles and whispers… Let thy tears gather and rise up… Turn into a deep and angry roaring sea… Let thy sorrows get immersed in that ocean… Then you will find your ecstasy and bliss of solitude…

My Shining Pearl!!

In my jewel box of friendship, I like the most my sweet tiny pearl.. Not because it was bought for a great price Or because of the time I spent for finding it There are diamonds, gold, and precious stones.. Each of them I paid a fortune to attain.. They boast about their value and substance And their beauty never satisfies my eyes.. As I was one day, lazing in the sea shore I saw this pretty lil pearl of mine.. It was amazing, even safely inside its shells Irresistible was its glow, its splendor and beauty.. Though it lies at the bottom of my box… The very sight of it alone gives me immense bliss… It’s radiance is special, like the first gleam of sunshine Sparkling brilliantly as the time passes by.

Letter to my Dad..

Dad, I missed you when mom and brother tried to get me married off at the age of 18 because there was no one to look after me. I believe your presence was with me when I fought aganist all the odds and decided to continue my studies no matter what.... I missed you when I took up my first job, when rest of the world tried to discourage me by telling "there is nothing much you can do by working". Your words and advices which I gathered in a short period gave me the boldness to face all the resistance... I missed you on my wedding day..when I spelt wedding vows to my partner..tears were rolling when I realised that there is no one in this world to replace my father and when my marriage happened as if it was nobody's business... I miss you each and every day when people accuses me, points out my inefficiencies.. I realise better that there is no one to defend me and you are not there anymore in this world to comfort me... And now I miss you each and every moment...and I wonde

I am one among them..

I gazed and gazed at the sky, To get hold of bright twinkling stars, To give feast for my eyes, to admire their shine But I didn't find one, they were all covered by clouds And my eyes filled with tears, and heart with despair.. I was too immersed in my grief and pain Sorrowed by the lost and the missing Later when I grew weary and bowed my head... To my surprise I realized that "I am one among them"