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Butterfly Star

I asked God to make me a star.. To my dismay He made me a caterpillar... I grieved looking up at the sight of stars How glorious they were glittering and shining My head drooped down with shame Strange my life is, ugly and awful.. People shuddered at my sight ,moved away.. I dreaded my life and my future bleak.. I want to slowly drift into my solitude Away from the world, noise and dreams.. I weaved my own shell; it was deformed My shell was gleaming , I could very well fit in I glided into the pitch dark of loneliness.. Here I am secure, safe from the reality.. Darkness was scary, silent and abandoned Tears quenched my thirst and dreams fed me.. And in this stillness, a pain engulfed me.. A pain of change and I feel like new... Through a ray of sunlight that shined inside I saw the parade of colors and beauty on me.. I pushed myself out of the cocoon.. Here I am transformed to a beautiful being I am flying now....along the horizon of skies I am a butter