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Where am I??

I am at home, I am at work place I am in the market, I am in the church I am at the complex, I am at the mall I am at the terminal, I am at the ground I am at the conference, I am at the exhibition I am in the queue, I am at the workshop.. I am in the hospital, I am at the venue.. I am here and there, near and far.. I am no where and else where

Grassy Path..

Life is a journey and we tread through various paths.. Some paths are stony..bruising our feet.. But some very grassy, giving rest to sole... Grass is green on these paths, flowers add colors.. Tress gives shades and fruits of every kind.. Birds tweet and there are butterflies in the air.. This is where we tend to dwell and excel.. Striving not to lose our tracks.. As we paint the picture of our life.... Grabbing all ease, warmth and wealth... Stabbing those outgrow us, chopping shady trees.. Crushing green grass..plucking pretty flowers..   We leave scars and marks on the very path.. But these scars...they bear our tales... And narrate to the beings who comes very after us..

All around me..

I can feel you all around me.. On my hold me close On my offer your shoulder On my that I can run into your arms On my push me forward And to pick me up if I fall.... Yea..I can feel love all around me....


When they birthed in my heart They were lifeless, fresh and stagnant Warmth of my bosom gave them life Whispers of my lips gave them strength They can stand, they can move and breathe But they preferred my heart, Enjoyed the coziness, unwilling to face the world.. I cried and I cried when I realized that They were my dreams…without wings…sobbing… But when I opened my cage of heart They flew away like birds… They were waiting for ages.. To be freed and touch new horizons Wondering how they could fly so high… When I saw an eagle carrying them on its wings.